Mac Trax Netlabel - Lissandros EP

Moonchild Records - Magma EP
Tactical Nuke - Space Travellers EP
Deep in Dub Netlabel - Stargazer LP

Spaceal Orbeats Records - 9 Lives LP
Lovezone Records - Subterranean EP
Monokrak Netlabel - New Earth LP
Progeletech - The Sound of your Soul  EP
Blacklight Sessions - Post Human EP
Spaceal Orbeats Records- Tetraktys LP

Monokrak Netlabel - Yours Faithfully EP
Petroglyph Netlabel - Raflessia EP 
Spaceal Orbeats Records - The Frequency of Love EP
Spaceal Orbits Records - The Prophecy EPKopoc Label - Stories from the Fog EP
Spaceal Orbeats Records - The Secret Language of Angels LP


Spaceal Orbeats Records - Elements EP
Spaceal Orbeats Records - Divine Echoes EP

Suck House Lovers - Ionosphere EP
Spaceal Orbeats Records - Beings of Thought EP
Ultraphonic UK -  Cosmosis LP 

Cerebral Audio -The Unfoldment EP
Null-A - Event Horizon EP
Sub Label Recordings White Edition - The Spacing of Spheres EP
Spaceal Orbeats Records - Microcosmos EP
Ultraphonic  UK - Oscillations LP

Spaceal Orbeats Records - Sounds of the Universe LP
Spaceal Orbeats Records - Dentro EP


Mistique Music - Aesthetics EP 
Run on Recordings - Gaudi EP 
Spaceal Orbeats Records - Mein Garten EP

Spaceal Orbeats Records - The Fantasia of the Unconscious LP 

DTL Records - Polarities EP

Spaceal Orbeats Records - Metamorphosis EP

Spaceal Orbeats Records- Quantum EP

Spaceal Orbeats Records - Lost Heavens LP


Spaceal Orbeats Records - Abstract Realities EP
Spaceal Orbeats Records - Kaleidoscope LP

Spaceal Orbeats Records - Non Places


Spaceal Orbeats Records - Sacred Spaces LP

Journey Deep Records - Coaxial EP

Spaceal Orbeats Records - Rituals LP

Spaceal Orbeats Records - Rewind 1990 LP 


Spaceal Orbeats Records - Unearthed LP









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