“Being and explorer and an artist is too risky and you can find yourself isolated from the scene. It is obvious that I try to balance between these two worlds, the world of art and the world of profit.”

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Eclectic artist, producer and music label owner John Ov3rblast is on a mission to deliver Deep Soundscapes For The Mind And The Soul. 
As the Founder & Owner of SpacealOrbeats, John has been inspired since he was a kid, absorbing his dad’s passion for the likes of Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis. 
Today, Ov3rblast’s personal soundscape template offers a mesh of ambient cinematic, twisted tech, deep dubby and spacey atmosphere.
His live audio and visual performances Rituals from Amsterdam to Berlin , from Leeds to Manchester and Athens , a new underground environment to breath , a mixture of spatial atmospheres alongside , layers of sounds and visions . 
His personal statement, the live audiovisual performances are a journey , a gathering of memories and futuristic statements .
As a winner in the Traum, Dominik Eulberg, competitions and label Baroque Records and the artists Stiven Rivic & Michael & Levan , Ponytech Comp and the Twisted Recordings @ Beatport & Metapop , he continues to work toward gaining critical mass with music designed to challenge the status quo..